Hani markets spray-dried animal plasma  product derived from bovine sources. Animal plasma protein is unique and composed of active albumin and globulin proteins. It is a product with distinct odor that ranges from light to tan  to medium brown in color. It has nutrition quality comparable to non fat dried milk and casein. It could be used to replace expensive milk protein in calf milk replacers, veal and piglets feeds. 

The applications for nutritional, health and functions use are extensive. It has the wettability and suspend ability that works well in liquid feed application.

Features: High Protein>75% and high water retention and fat emulsifying


All types of piglet feed, especially in the first 4 weeks after weaning. Wet Pet Food.

8 Vet Commodities Products P75 Plasma Protein Supreme



  • High Quality Source of Protein
  • Contains active globulin and albumin fractions
  • Excellent amino acid profile
  • 75% minimum protein content
  • Outstanding palatability
  • Improves performance
  • Improves growth rate
  • Spray dried 



  • Reduce post weaning lag
  • Reduce variability out of nursery
  • Pigs eat feeds more quicker and consume more
  • Hogs gets to market quicker with less feed
  • Assume product purity